The most exotic, and perfectly crafted One-of-a-kind Art Knives in the world today...


"Hello John, I really admire your work, and I would love to have one of your art-knives. I simply love knives, but here in Brazil we don't have anything close to what you are doing. You pieces, for me, are the most impressive I've ever seen, it's incredible. I almost had a heart attack, I wish I could have all of them! I can't describe my feeling about them. You can't imagine how your work caught my attention, it's really impressive. Believe me, I showed your website to a lot of friends, every one of them were super surprised, and sad that they've never seen something like them before, really beautiful work. Well congratulations, I love your work. I'm dying to have one of them! It's a dream to have one of those in my hands now."


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Title: "ALCHEMY"
Specs: Fixed-Blade Fighter, Overall Length: 14".
Damascus Steel, Anodized Titanium, Carbon Fiber, Abalone, Fossil Mastodon Ivory, Timascus, Super Conductor, 24k Gold Leaf, Semi-Transparent Shell with picture underlays, 18k Gold, Gemstones.