Click the photo to the left to be taken to a photo album depicting many of the various materials used in the creation of Jensen Knives in their raw state.

Damascus or "Pattern Welded" Steel

Click on the Damascus Steel Pattern photo to the left to read, and learn more about the history of this material, as well as how it is created.

Fossil Ivory + Tooth

Click on the Ancient Wooly Mammoth Skeleton photo to the left, to learn more about fossilized Walrus, Mastodon, and Wooly Mammoth, and where, and how these materials are found, as well as how they are naturally colored by the environment.


Click on the Gemstones photo to the left, to learn more about them; including hardness, birthstone information, and what causes coloration.

Shell + Coral

Click on the Abalone Shell photo to the left to learn more about the various shells used by Jensen Knives, such as Mother-of-Pearl, Gold-lip Pearl, Black-lip Pearl, and abalone, as well as various corals.


Click on the Titanium symbol from the Periodic Table of Elements to the left, to learn more about one of the essential ingredients in every Jensen Knife, including its history, relevance, and coloration.