Tools - Materials - Creation

Artist John Jensen has created a rarely seen, unmatched level of artistry in a truly unique form. Each piece takes hundreds of hours to produce, and are the culmination of his unique artistic viewpoint, highly skilled training, and love of the exotic in design, materials and technique.

Designs always start as hand drawings, then get digitalized into detailed computer renderings. Form and function are then merged with the finest exotic array of natural material combinations sourced specifically for these unique creations. These rare specimens come from every corner of the world and even beyond; from the most remote geological mines, to deep beneath the sea; from the hostile Arctic Circle, to ancient fossil beds, and even Meteorite from outer space.

John's unique gift in being able to seamlessly combine both exquisite, natural materials (many of which date to 30,000 years old or more), and the finest in state-of-the-art, man made materials and metal alloys, culminates in a fine balance of the most intricate combinations of patterns, colors, and textures.

Each piece incorporates, and requires several hundred components and precision steps to produce, drawing upon traditional Old-World jewelry fabrication and manual industrial machining techniques, to state of the art computer aided design. These exacting details result in tolerances usually only associated with aerospace applications. The precision in fit, mechanics, and auto-paint grade surfaces, can only be achieved under the watchful eye and masterful hands of the artist. Due to the time consuming intricacies of John's work, he produces fewer than 12 pieces per year.

Though these creations are deemed as art pieces, no compromise or shortcuts in quality are made. Each piece is built to the same exacting standards as the finest hard use tools currently produced.

Tools + Machinery

A countless array of machines and hand tools are utilized in the creation of Jensen Knives, including precision measuring instruments, saws, sanders, polishers, files, grinders, etc.

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The true beauty of Jensen Knives comes from the mixture of Gold, gemstones, "Damascus" steel, Titanium, Carbon Fiber, exotic shell, Fossil Ivories, Tooth, Coral, Meteorite, etc.

Click the photo to the left to learn more about some of the rare materials used in the creation of Jensen Knives, along with a multitude of photos of the raw materials.

Creation + Process

Processes involved include drawing and computer rendering, fabrication, machining, grinding and embellishments such as carving, inlays, acid etching, anodizing and more.

Click the photo to the left to be taken to a photo album depicting the step-by-step creation of a Jensen Knife. To learn more about process terminology, refer to the Glossary.